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Background information

In 2011 a criminal complaint was filed with the Kingston, N.Y. Office of the F.B.I. The complaint alleged, among other things, public corruption on the part of Ulster County Special Prosecutor Eric Schneider, for obstructing the prosecution of individuals he was appointed to prosecute, and an apparent scheme to defraud Medicaid involving M&T Bank of Dutchess County, N.Y., Ulster County Part Time Assistant District Attorney John G. Rusk and his wife, Attorney Pamela Rusk. The alleged scheme to defraud Medicaid stemmed from a woman's stay in a nursing home, on Medicaid, while she had $137,000 in a revocable living trust held at M&T Bank. M&T Bank was also trustee of the trust. Attorney John Gifford of Van DeWater and Van DeWater represented M&T Bank and was also named in the complaint. Upon the woman's passing, Ulster County Surrogate Court Judge Mary Work ordered her estate to be distributed to the woman's friends and family, ignoring the $150,000+ debt to Medicaid. The assets of a revocable living trust are subject to a Medicaid lien, according to law, but apparently Judge Mary Work saw fit to bypass this law and, in effect, aided and abetted the alleged theft of funds from Medicaid. The Kingston Office of the F.B.I., a satellite of the Albany Office of the F.B.I., reviewed information regarding these allegations. The taped phone conversations with the Kingston FBI Agent clearly show the F.B.I.'s knowledge of the corruption occurring in Ulster County New York. According to the agent, the problem with moving ahead on these complaints is the lack of resources and the dysfunctional nature of the U.S. Attorneys Office in the Northern District of New York.

When judges and prosecutors are corrupt, and the FBI doesn't have the resources to do its job, then who is left to protect the American people?